Deauville Commune in France

Deauville is an “upscale” Calvados seaside resort whose current notoriety is based on the organization of horse races, sales of yearlings, its casino and an American film festival.


On the English Channel, the station was created ex-nihilo according to the will of the Duke of Morny, brother-in-law of Napoleon III, in the middle of the 19th century. Quickly, a few villas, a railway station and a racecourse were built on an area of marshes and dunes, on the left bank of the mouth of the Touques, on the edge of a sandy beach several kilometers long. Today, Deauville remains remarkable for its cultural heritage, composed mainly of Anglo-Norman style villas. Having become a popular summer resort for Parisian high society, the city was modernized during the interwar period: the casino, the two racetracks, the station, the main luxury hotels (Royal, Normandy) date from this period.

More recently, municipal policy has aimed to create many sporting or cultural events to extend the tourist season: festivals (American cinema in September, Asian cinema in March, Swing in Deauville in July, Equiday’s in October, Christmas on the balcony in December ), International Sailing Week (in June), extension of the winter horse racing season, RIDE equestrian event in September…


The hotel offer in Deauville is quite abundant: there are nearly 50 establishments there. The best-known hotel is undoubtedly the Royal B., a grand palace offering a breathtaking view of the ocean.

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