Canggu (Bali) Things To Do

What can you do in Canggu?

Canggu is a picturesque place surrounded by numerous beaches. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are numerous surf spots here. Here you can enjoy the waves or the sunset.

Or you can visit the city and enjoy one or more drinks. Especially with friends, this trip will be a wonderful experience.

What is special about Bali, Canggu?

Canggu is a village on the southwest coast of the Indonesian island of Bali and belongs to Kuta Utara, which in turn lies in the district of Badung. Only about 6700 people live here. Therefore, you are in the right place if you want to stop in a quiet corner of the world.

Even though Canggu is quite a small place, there are many things to do here. For this reason, many young companies, digital nomads and above all surfers can be found here.

Pure nature – perfect for yoga and wellness

The region around Canggu is still very rural and untouched. Even though there are already many tourists here, there is still a lot left of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that the rice fields are also among the sights here.

As an up-and-coming destination, the area is still surrounded by beautiful rice fields. The best time for a trip by scooter is the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the beauty of this place is disturbed by construction work.

Getting to Canggu (Bali) – The best way to get to your destination?

Canggu can be reached in many different ways. Another option is to travel by plane via Hong Kong. Historically, there is a close connection between Bali or Indonesia and Hong Kong. This is also the reason why many flights start here or at least make a stopover.

If you are already on city…

If you are already in Bali, the journey is much easier. Still, traveling between Kuta and Canggu is often a little complicated, but there are plenty of transportation options. From my point of view, you will experience Bali and Canggu most beautifully and intensely when you make a round trip.

The best choice depends on your schedule, budget, and preferences. We recommend downloading the Grab or Gojek apps and getting a SIM card with 100k IDR credit.

The best means of transport for you

Canggu in Bali is a destination for surfers and expats looking for a quiet and more affordable lifestyle compared to Seminyak, although more and more tourists are flocking there.

On the main artery, traffic jams are the order of the day in Canggu. To minimize the traffic jams in Canggu itself, some take the infamous shortcut Jalan Anggrek, as it bypasses the traffic jams on the Jalan Raya Canggu.

Nothing works without scooters

In Canggu, a scooter or motorbike is essential to get around. Almost all guesthouses and hotels rent scooters. If you want to get around a bit, you definitely need your own means of transport.

Stronghold for surfers

Since Canggu (Bali) is a stronghold for surfers, almost every car is also equipped with the bracket for the surfboard.

Canggu is a small village in the south of Bali, Indonesia. It has recently gained popularity as a surfing spot among surfers as it has longboard-friendly waves and is close to other areas considered one of the best places to surf.


Bali is always an experience, not only if you’re a digital nomad. Especially surfers land here in a true paradise, as there is a large selection of different beaches. In addition, you will find many other things, places and rice fields that make Canggu in Bali so unique.

Whether you want to take surf lessons, go out drinking with friends or just walk through the rice fields, there’s something for everyone! The right adventure is waiting for you.

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